We have designed and implemented a broad range of Solar Irrigation Projects. We are pioneers in Solar Irrigation in Pakistan and we provide customized solutions.

These are some of the projects that we have successfully completed.


Kashmore, Pakistan

This system completely eliminated dependence on oil generators for drip irrigation of fruit orchards. Diesel operated turbine pumps were fully replaced by Solar Power. This system lifts water from a bore hole 160 feet deep.

PV: 2,300 Watt (115 Watt per panel, total of 20 panels) Inverter: 1,500 Watt Submersible Pump: 1,100 Watt (10,000 Gallons per day) 2 inch discharge water pipe Water Lift: 160 Feet


Shah Wali Agricultulre Farms, Pakistan

This system has replaced a 60 Horse Power motor pump running on grid power, and provides uninterrupted power throughout the day. This system is primarily used for crop irrigation and pumps water from the local canal.

PV: 12,480 Watt (260 Watt per panel, total of 48 panels) Inverter: 12,000 Watt Surface Pump: 7,500 Watt (250,000 Gallons per day) 4 inch discharge pipe Water Lift: 23 Feet


Gunjrawala, Pakistan

This is a brand new and a unique system designed specifically for crop Irrigation

PV: 1,700 Watt (170 Watt per panel, total of 10 panels) Controller/Inverter: 1,800 Watt Submersible Pump: 1,500 Watt Lift: 160 feet, 3 inch discharge pipe


ArifWala, Pakistan

PV: 8,320 Watt (260 Watt per panel, total of 32 panels) Inverter: 7,500 Watt Submersible: 7,500 Watt lift: 60 feet.