Fibre Technologies is a certified Brugg Cables partner, exclusively representing Brugg Cables in Pakistan. Following products, and more, are available at competitive prices.


BRUmil For extreme field operations: Exceptionally thin field cable for a maximum of eight fibers housed

in a stainless steel tube and stainless steel armoring, sheathed in a tough abrasion-resistant PA jacket.

The only true rodent-proof cable with superior crush resistance. Due to its small diameter,

up to twice as much cable fits on a reel.


Connectors A large selection of military connectors with lens technology, compatible with our

fiber optic cables, is available to complete a customer’s system.


BRUpowermil For rough environments: Hybrid field cable with the mechanical qualities of

BRUmil with four fibers for data transfer and two coaxial conductors for the concurrent transfer of electric energy.


BRUtough For field use: Deployable non-metallic field cable with tightbuffered fibers and

PUR jacket for maximum flexibility.


Deployment Aids Using correct accessories is extremely important for proper cable deployment.

Brugg Cables offers a wide range of deployment aids and can provide training in their proper use.


Reels Brugg Cables supplies hand reels, backpack reels, and various size vehicle reels with

capabilities of 100 to 5,000 meters [300 to 16,000 feet].