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Fibre Technologies is a certified Solartech partner, exclusively representing Solartech in Pakistan. Following products, and more, are available at competitive prices.



Pumping Inverter

Solar pumping inverter converts DC voltage from the solar array into AC voltage to drive the pump.

With the function of MPPT (maximum power point tracking), it regulates the output frequency

according to irradiation in real time to achieve the maximum power.


PV Grid Inverter

PV grid-connected inverter controls the whole system. It converts the DC produced by the

solar array into AC then transfers AC to the grid , and adjusts the operation point in real-time

according to the variation of sunshine to realize the maximum power point tracking (MPPT).


PV Modules Bracket

The brackets of solar arrays are well-designed matching different solar pumping system,

which are with fine appearance and easy to install, as well as resistant to typhoon force 12 ,

and with long life up to 20 years. Varrious choices are available such as: normal galvanized

zinc, stainless steel 304B or 316L for different customized requirements.


 3 Phase AC Pump

The pump, driven by a 3-phase induction motor, draws water from wells or rivers, then pours

water into the reservoir or storage tank, or directly to irrigation systems and fountain systems.

Based on the requirements and installation conditions, different types of pumps can be used.


 PV Modules

We exclusively provide different solar modules with different materials according to different

area with different sunshine condition for making the highest quality of solar pumping system at a most reasonable cost.